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  • Wedding Bracelet - Invitation to Dance - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry

    Wedding Bracelet – Invitation To Dance

    Fifth Avenue Collection fine fashion jewelry has been chosen by wedding guests and bridal jewelry for 30 years. Invitation to Dance is a spectacular bracelet that is perfect to complete your wedding look. A large Swarovski baguette crystal
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  • Fab Appeal - Necklace 2018 - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry

    Fab Appeal – Necklace 2018

    Fab Appeal - Favorite Necklace 2018 You know how it works. It catches your eye because there is something about it that draws you in. Could be the sparkle. It might be the way it moves. It most certainly could be the design. Fab Appeal has that
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  • Everyday Earrings - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry

    Everyday Earrings

    Everyday Earrings are the earrings that are the easy to wear earrings that you choose to wear everyday. An everyday earring means something different to every woman. For some women, an everyday earring is a simple solitaire stud earrings, for
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  • New Jewelry Designs - Spellbinding Bracelet & Divine Earrings, Fifth Avenue Collection

    New Jewelry Designs – Summer 2018

    New Jewelry Designs - Summer 2018-19, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry New Jewelry Designs perfect for Summer 2018. For Walks on the Beach, Long Nights and Great Vacations! Fifth Avenue Collection Swarovski Crystal Jewelry dazzles like
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  • Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry - Swarovksi Crystals

    Swarovski Crystals – Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada

    SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS - FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION JEWELRY CANADA - 587-341-7646 Swarovski crystal put the sparkle in Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry! Where all things are sparkly, doesn't it make sense to use the best sparkle in the
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  • Cubic Zirconia Cuff Bracelet - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada

    Cubic Zirconia Cuff Bracelet

    CUBIC ZIRCONIA CUFF BRACELET - FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION CANADA - 587-341-7646 If you are looking for a Cubic Zirconia Cuff Bracelet at a truly affordable price but with stunning quality that rivals any diamond bracelet, Jeannine by Fifth Avenue
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  • Flamingo Pin - Fifth Avenue Collection Canada

    Flamingo Pin

    Looking for a Flamingo Pin/Brooch that is covered in genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystals? Have you seen Long Tall Sally? She is built for speed and I admit she is pretty sweet! Such a pretty bird!! This one is truly grandstanding… she shows
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  • Everyday Jewelry - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada

    Everyday Jewelry – Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry

    EVERYDAY JEWELRY - FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION JEWELRY CANADA Everyday Jewelry means different things to different people. For some, Everyday Jewelry means wearing a piece of jewelry like a talisman, not taking it off EVER. For others, its wearing
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  • Earring Style - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery Canada

    Earring Styles & Your Personality – Fifth Avenue Collection Canada

    EARRING STYLES & YOUR PERSONALITY - FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION JEWELLERY CANADA Did you know that the Earring styles you choose are based on your personality? And that the earrings you choose give hints to your personality? Go Ahead - Take a
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  • Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery

    Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery

    Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery is one of the worlds finest Fashion Jewellery Company that has been designing beautiful jewellery for 30 years. Fifth Avenue Collection is a Canadian company that produces high
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  • Mixed Metal Hoop Earrings - Womens Chains, Fifth Avenue Collection

    Mixed Metal Hoops – Chains, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery

    Mixed Metal Hoops - Chains from Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery Mixed Metal Jewellery looks modern and trendy, maybe almost rebellious. It goes against everything our Mother's and Grandmother's said about fashion and jewellery rules. Their
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  • Natural Gemstone Necklace, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery, St Albert, Canada

    Natural Gemstone Necklace, Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada – Bouquet of Violets

    Natural Gemstone Necklace, Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada Natural Gemstone Necklace by Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada, "Bouquet of Violets" is a  a pretty and captivating bouquet of sweet violet amethyst, drops of delicate green agate buds,
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  • Small Hoop Pendant, St Albert - Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

    Small Hoops Pendant – Fifth Avenue Collection, St Albert, Canada

    Timeless Jewelry is a wardrobe essential and in every Jewellery Box. Fifth Avenue Collections Small Hoops is just the dainty necklace that every woman could wear. A perfect chain pairs with a Small Hoop, Chanel Set with perfect Genuine
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  • Undonditional Love - Fifth Avenue Collection, Jewelry, St Albert, Canada

    Unconditional Love Pendant – Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

    Mother's Day Gift - Heart Shaped Pendant FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION, JEWELRY, ST ALBERT, CANADA Mom, I Love You. From that very first Mother's Day gift I made in school, that tea bag stuck to the construction paper card , I am sure I am like
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  • Black onyx, multi layer necklace St Albert

    Black Onyx Prism Necklace – Power of Love, Fifth Avenue Collection

    Is Black and Gold Jewelry one of your favorite jewelry color combination? Fifth Avenue Collection Black Onyx Prism Pendant Necklace, "Power Of Love", is a multi-layered neckpiece that explores the power of gorgeous design and natural energy.
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  • After Work Earrings St Albert, Canada

    Hey Girl – Black Chandelier Clip-On Earrings

    Are you a quick change artist? When 5:00 Friday hits do you transform from working girl to Gorgeous Girl? Tuck some stunning Glam Jewelry by Fifth Avenue Collection in your bag Friday morning to make your quick change quick and
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  • Essential Jewelry St Albert - Delicate CZ Pendant

    Essential CZ Pendant St Albert

    Essential Jewelry are pieces that work with everything. They are the every day pieces that can be worn to all occasions. Fifth Avenue Collection essential pieces include a perfect 5mm cubic zirconia pendant in a classic prong setting. The
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  • Classic Jewelry Chains St Albert

    Chain, Chain, Chain – Styles of Jewelry Chains

    JEWELRY CHAIN STYLES ST ALBERT With many fashion necklaces out in the market, the necklace chain is a part of it that is often overlooked and most people especially women, focus most of the time on the necklace charm or pendants. For some
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  • Classic Jewelry Styles St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

    Classic Jewelry Choices – Classic Personality Women St Albert

    Were you on the B list of the Jewellery Personality Quiz? If you were, you actually have AAA tastes! Old School considers you a traditional, but we all know you are sophisticated with high quality demands. You actually admire old school
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  • Pearls St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection, Pearls, Canada

    Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

    Pearl Jewelry, St Albert, AB, Canada Pearl Earrings, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Necklaces, Hand Strung Pearls, Pearl Rings The luster of a  pearl is the reflection of light gleaming off of the surface of the pearl and the patina of every  layer of
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  • Rhodium - Multi Color Swarovski Crystal, Ring - Online Canada

    Rhodium – Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Ring – Online Canada

    Fifth Avenue Collection Fashion Jewellery, Glenda Schrader, Stylist   Rich Color Be the first to review this product $ 49.95 Add the perfect burst of color, glam and sophistication to finish your look with our
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  • Buy Fashion jewellery Online Canada

    Shop Fashion Jewellery Online Canada

    Beautiful Jewelry is meant to be shared. Give a gift of intricate craftsmanship, delicate details and brilliant stones. For the moment may be temporary but the memory lasts forever. Follow your desire for beauty here:
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  • Lunar Themed Jewellery - Fashion Jewellery, Canada

    Silver Crescent Moon Necklace – Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

    To The Moon And Back Be the first to review this product $ 49.95 There is nothing more perfect than our exquisite "To The Moon And Back" neckpiece. This mystical design boasts an intricate filigree moon pendant, a
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  • Fashion Jewellery, Fifth Avenue Collection-Chanel

    Coco Chanel Says

    Style Icon Coco Chanel saw it, believed it and said it. "Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes" I wonder how she would feel when she saw our Canadian Crafted
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  • Canadian Fashion Jewellery, Fifth Avenue Collection

    Own The Night – Fifth Avenue Collection Rhodium Neckpiece

    Own The Night AVAILABLE NOW The night is made for glamour and beauty, which is exactly what Fifth Avenue Collection had in mind when designing the new breathtaking limited edition Wicked neckpiece, “Own the Night”. Suspended from an exquisite
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  • Champagne Bottle Brooch-Fifth Avenue Collection Fashion Jewellery, Canada

    Celebration Brooch by Fifth Avenue Collection

    Celebration Crack open the bubbly, it's going to be a "Vintage Year", and what a celebration it will be, wearing this knockout pin from Fifth Avenue Collection. Aurora Borealis crystals sparkle with the irridescence of the finest champagne.
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  • Fifth Avenue Collection Fashion Jewellery

    Natural Blue Agate Neckpiece by Fifth Avenue Collection

    Is Blue Your Color? #FifthAvenueCollection natural blue agate piece #BlueShadow is as unique as the woman who loves it. No Two Stones are the same! Natural Stone Necklace with Rose Gold Chain and Swarovski Crystal Each unique agate is
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  • Aquatic Fashion Jewellery - Canada-Fifth Avenue Collection

    Really Splashy

    lovefifthavenuecollectionSearching for a real catch in Gold and Swarovski Crystal? Really Splashy 🐟 is real splashy - swimming in cuts of gorgeous crystals, this aquatic themed pin will hook you when trying to find Beautiful Jewellery💍💍! **
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  • lovefifthavenuecollection,Fifth Avenue Collection #1 Jeweller-GlendaS FAC

    A Touch of Silver

    233 likes lovefifthavenuecollection The magic of this season is captured in this delightful jewellery that sprinkles both charm and elegance into your day. This dainty fairy seemingly comes alive with vibrant wings of emerald cut
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