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A bracelet is  jewelry that is worn around the wrist.

Different types of bracelets include Bangle Bracelets, Cuffs Bracelets, Charm Bracelets, ID Bracelets,  Wrist Wraps Bracelets, Beaded Bracelets, Leather Bracelets, Link Bracelets, Toggle Clasp Bracelets, Omega (or chain) Bracelets, Multi-Strand Bracelets, Stretch Bracelets, Pearl Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelets and a Shamballa Bracelets.

Jewelry worn around the ankle is called an ankle bracelet or an anklet. A boot bracelet is a bracelet worn over a boot and serves to decorate the boot.

Bracelets can be fashioned from metal, leather, cloth, plastic, bead or other materials. Jewelry bracelets sometimes contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells, lets.crystals, metal, or plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials.

Every  Fifth Avenue Collection Bracelet can be considered PURE – Lead FREE, Cadmium FREE, Nickel FREE and ZINC FREE.


Bracelets are a fashion accessories that is not only chosen for your wardrobe but for yourself. Unlike other jewelry items, bracelets are visible constantly to the wearer. For that reason, choose a bracelet that you love and brings a smile to your face.  Other things to consider when choosing a bracelet are the various types, styles, and what occasions you are wearing the bracelet to.

A Bracelet should be chosen to best coordinate with your outfit and to accentuate your wrist. Make a note to select a bracelet  that makes your wrist and arm elegant, fitting the best on your wrist.

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Bangles, or Bangle Bracelets, are a continuous ring shape, rigid bracelet fashioned from metal, wood, or plastic. Bangles can be smooth, textured or set with stones and or crystals.


Hinge Bracelets are a modified Bangle or a Cuff Style bracelets that are more elliptical in shape, fitting closer to the wrist. This bracelet has a hinge on one side of the wrist and a with a tongue clasp closure on the other.

Hinged, Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada
Cuff Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Cuff Bracelets are similar to a bangle bracelet. The difference is a cuff bracelet has an opening on the underside of the design oval. The opening usually equates to one third of the width of the bracelet.  The wearer uses this opening to slip the bracelet onto their wrist. Cuff Bracelets are also usually wider than most bracelets. It sits on the top of the wrist and often allows very little flexibility.


Charm Bracelets are bracelets that display collectible personal charms, themed decorative pendants or trinkets. Typical Charms can be varied or similar. Charms are connected to a link style bracelet with jump rings, creating a dangling charm.

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ID Bracelets St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Word Bracelets are simple chain bracelets that have an inline word plate, or an engraved plated. ID Bracelets would be considered a Word Bracelet


Wrist Wrap Bracelets are bracelets that wrap around  the wrist in a spiral fashion. The spiral can be a single revolution or multiple revolutions. The spiral mechanism is a simple rigid wire that conforms to a spiral. The decorative element of the bracelet can vary from simple beads threaded onto the wire, or a design that encloses the wire within the cylinder of the bracelet design.


Wrist Wrap Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada
Beaded Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Beaded Bracelets are beads woven on a stable or an elastic thread. The beads are woven to form the structure of the bracelet. Some beaded bracelets use a lobster clasp closure but others can be fashioned into a bangle design.


Leather Bracelets by Fifth Avenue Collection are of the most elegant Leather Bracelets. Fine, Soft Leather straps or laces are mixed with trendy design elements of Gold, Rhodium, Rose Gold or Hematite. Combine those details with the glitter of Genuine Swarovski Crystal from Austria and Natural Gemstone elements for truly artistic bracelets, trendy with an edge of modern beauty. Check out the exquisite clasps and findings on all of Fifth Avenue Collection’s Leather Bracelets.

Leather Bracelets St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada
Link Style Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Link Bracelets are made by connecting or linking design components and  jewelry findings. Link bracelets are fashioned from a  variety of materials, Pure metals – Gold, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and Rose gold –  and gemstones. Fifth Avenue Collection Bracelets consists of  different  styles of chain links, sometimes interspersed with Swarovski Crystal, Gemstone beads and design elements, artistically joined to form a Fashion Jewelry Link Bracelets. Quality is a identifiable trademark on all of Fifth Avenue Collection’s Link Bracelets.


Toggle Bracelets are defined simply by their closure method. Their uniqueness is the toggle clasp that consists of a decorative bar and a ring closure. The toggle is usually one of the design elements of the bracelet, rather than a Jewelry Finding that other bracelets usually incorporate. A toggle bracelet can be of another category, such as a Link Bracelet, Pearl Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet.

Toggle Clasp Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada
Chain, Omega, Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Omega Bracelets are a chain style bracelet constructed from a length of a Jewelry Chain. Their closures are typically a Lobster clasp, but occasionally the design may use a hook style closure. These Chain Bracelets often cling loosely on the wrist. The name is derived not from the style of chain used in the bracelet but from the usual  band of an Omega Wristwatch.


Multi Strand Bracelets consist of multiple strands  of the same bracelet or a mix of coordinating bracelets. They are connected by a single clasp. The bracelets can be connected individually or grouped closely. The strands may have bead or gemstone elements embedded or linked within the bracelet strands.

Multi Strand, Bracelets St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada
Stretch Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Stretch Bracelets are known for their extreme flexibility.  To put this bracelet on, they are stretched over the hand and cling closer to the wrists. Swarovski Crystal Beads, Natural Gemstone Beads, Pearls, Metal finished beads or design elements are  woven on an elastic, or other flexible strings, and are ended without a clasp.


Pearl Bracelets by Fifth Avenue Collection will always feature a Fifth Avenue Collection Pearls. If they are strung on a silk, the pearls on the bracelet with be hand tied and double knotted. The bracelet strand may also have other design elements included. Pearl bracelets can be single or multi-strand bracelets.

Pearl Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada
Tennis Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets  are designed with  a thin flexible wristband  made up of a row of diamonds. Fifth Avenue Collection Tennis Bracelets may use Tripe A Quality Cubic Zirconia.  AAA cubic
zirconias possess cut, hardness and refraction comparable to natural gemstones. Even the cutting technique is identical. Each cubic zirconia is hand cut and polished by skilled gemstone craftsmen. The result is a stone with extreme durability that will shine for a lifetime.
Tennis bracelets gets their name from Chris Evert’s custom of wearing these during her tennis matches. Tennis bracelets with genuine diamonds come in with a higher price but a Fifth Avenue Collection Tennis Bracelets affords a luxury look at an every woman price.


Gemstone Bracelets by Fifth Avenue Collection display natural gemstones in various cuts, strung on silk or elastic cords, linked with other precious metal finished elements and findings or used to create a unique spiral wrap bracelet. These finely crafted bracelets used to typically complete high-priced wardrobe. These come in extremely authentic ranges. Be ready to look like you spent a fortune! Your secret will be safe with us!

Natural Gemstone Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada
Shamballa Bracelet St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry, Canada


Shamballa bracelets are inspired from the original Buddhist bracelet. These bracelets are worn for thought ability in providing inner peace and tranquillity. Today they are a popular choice of the younger set for their trendy and chic. Fifth Avenue Collection Shamballa Bracelets designs use fine cording macrame and genuine Swarovski Crystal, Natural Gemstone or Precious Metal Finished Beads.



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A bracelet is an article of jewellery that is worn around the wrist. Bracelets may serve different uses, such as being worn as an ornament. When worn as ornaments, bracelets may have a supportive function to hold other items of decoration, such as charms.


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