Jewellery, Classic Styles, St Albert, AB, Canada

Were you on the B list of the Jewellery Personality Quiz?

If you were, you actually have AAA tastes!

Old School considers you a traditional, but we all know you are sophisticated with high quality demands. You actually admire old school because you see the strength in things that last and seek tried, true and tested. Your report card would have openly stated that you get nervous around the unplanned and you excelled at the “one of these things is not like the other” game! You are reliable, with a long line up of true long term friends and everyone says you are a great listener.

You are stylishly simplistic, and seek balance in all of your fashion design choices. The best advice you took from your mother was to always have a select and workable wardrobe.

You are fond of mid-sized jewellery. Almost everything you choose has a precise mixture of sparkle and gemstones. You look for clean designs but appreciate setting and cuts that bespeak of a true artisan craftsman. You fondly admire the details of a precision cut. When you add a piece of jewellery to your collection, you consider it an investment but you secretly feel like you have made a friend that you can count on time and time again. Your sense of organization is so refined that you never worry about do things go together because you carefully shopped for those coordinating pieces long before you declared it an outfit. Whenever you buy a new garment, you call your Fifth Avenue Collection stylist to find the precise matching pieces that, without a question, will look stunning with it.

You are woman with a Classic Jewelry Personality.

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Jewellery Styles Classic Personality St Albert, AB, Canada
Jewellery, Classic Styles, St Albert, AB, Canada
Classic Jewellery St Albert
Jewellery, Classic Personality, St Albert