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Did you know that the Earring styles you choose are based on your personality?

And that the earrings you choose give hints to your personality? Go Ahead - Take a look at your earring collection. What earring style do you have the most off?

Studs, Buttons and Crystal Balls

Your earrings are almost never bigger than a dime. You love the control of smaller designs and adore the power of that little something. This earring personality type is Understated Class. All you need is a little glitter but you never forgo on style. You look closely at details and have such a presence that your earrings are a facet of the bigger picture.
Earrings, Crystal Ball Stud, St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

Crystal Ball Stud Earrings, St Albert -Fifth Avenue Collection Canada

Crystal Chandeliers

Your earrings almost have wattage. They sparkle, and dangle and swing. They must swing. This personality style is Luxurious Elegance. You love the drop style that drips with bling but it always has to bring the focus back to beautiful you. You are always tucking your hair behind your ear to make sure your earrings are visible. Mostly because they are a perfect extension of you and that can never be hidden.
Chandelier Earrings, Clip On, Pierced - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery St Albert

Chandelier Earrings, Clip On or Pierced - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery Canada

Gemstones and Beads

If your earring collection has not so much of the glam or glitter but you definitely have a variety of gemstones, (perhaps one in particular) then you are a Free Spirit. You love a stone and a color. You aren't neccesarily limited to one style type in particular - that would depend on your face shape and clothing style. But beads or set stones of Quartz, Onyx, Agate, or Turquoise pulls you in faster than a compass to the north pole.
Earring St Albert - Fifth Avenue Collection, Jewelry

Earrings St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection, Jewelry

Big & Bold

When your earring collection needs a GIANT box to try and contain all of your earlobe treasures, then you are a Stylish & Dramatic earring girl. Your presence is so amazing that your earrings almost take over the room. And while your wardrobe isn't always flashy, your look ALWAYS has to have The Earring to set the style. Earrings are like breathing to you - you can't stop and if you do, its an EMERGENCY!!
Statement Earrings - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery Canada

Statement Earrings, Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

Crystal Drops & Hoops

Your earrings always extend past your earlobe but hardly ever extend past your jawline. There has never been a hoop you didn't like and your earrings are almost silent as they move. Your earring personality is Timeless Elegance. Most of your earrings will go with anything you wear because your wardrobe is also timeless. But here is the thing. You wear earrings everyday. You never leave home without them nor could you imagine being without them.
Drop Earrings St Albert - Fifth Avenue Collection, Canada

Rhodium Drop Earrings, St Albert - Love, Fifth Avenue Collection Canada

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