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Everyday Jewelry means different things to different people.

For some, Everyday Jewelry means wearing a piece of jewelry like a talisman, not taking it off EVER. For others, its wearing crafted or extremely sporty items that contribute very little to their overall appearance but they are worn because it feels comfortable. Some see everyday jewelry as extremely simple and barely there. Then there is the fashion move to be able to take that which some would save for "good" and wear it like it should be, like you just put it naturally together. Everyday Jewelry - Fifth Avenue Collection

Everyday Jewelry & Blue Jeans

Jewelry and Blue Jeans are a fantastic mix. Blue Jeans go with everything, are worn everywhere, and are possibly worn every day. To not wear jewelry with your blue jeans is a sad idea. The truth is blue jeans, or jeans, are a great opportunity to develop your own style. They are the perfect canvas to show your unique style and individual flavor. Take the theory of Jewelry personalities for example. If you were a Classic Jewelry person, what you may choose to wear with your jeans and a tee would be your favorite pair of hoops, a crystal bangle or two, layer on a few finer chain style necklaces and possibly add your favorite mix of Fifth Avenue Collection's Endless Lux Rings. A Natural would go for simple chain bracelet, maybe a chain style neckpiece, and her favorite go-to pair of stud earrings. The romantic would seek out her favorite pendant necklace, a pair of drop style earrings, find an easy to wear stretch bangle and possibly mix a Sheer Love ring with her pretty clear or pink crystal Endless Lux collection. And the dramatic? She looks at a pair of jeans as the perfect time to wear what she feels like that day. Its always a mix of what makes her happy. There are the big earrings, a neckpiece with a pendant and a stack of only the essential bracelets. When it comes to jewelry and jeans the one rule is dress for the occasion and the event. A little bit of Glitz is completely acceptable for everyday and a whole lot of Glitz is acceptable for the special day. Everyday Jewelry - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada

Everyday Jewelry & Hanging Out At Home

Many women, when they hang out at home, opt for hair in a ponytail, t-shirt and pyjama cut pants. At home days are your days! For that reason, you should grab a little luxury even when your wardrobe choice is your favorite comfies. There is no denying that even wearing a pair of sparkly crystal ball studs, your go-to Small Hoops Pendant by Fifth Avenue Collection and soft, comfy Leather bracelet lends a feeling of pampering to your just me and Netflix days.   Everyday Jewelry - fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada  

Everyday Jewelry & Errands

My philosophy is, if you leave the house there is a possibility that you will come face to face with a) someone you would love to have a cup of coffee with or b) someone you would rather impress. And the impress person doesn't have to be boss or maybe a local celebrity! More than likely it will be an Ex, that girl from High School ( know the one), or that friend of your mother's that catalogs what she's seen day in and day out! Jewelry and errands are a crucial mix. For one thing, improved customer service is a given when you are wearing some glitz. The other is, it is important to look a little polished even on your off day. What should you wear? If you are noticing the trend, the jewelry you should choose for shopping and appointments are pretty much the same you would wear with your blue jeans or your at home comfies. Something that makes you feel comfortable, something that has a little sparkle of interest and definitely something that defines you. Everyday Jewelry - Fifth Avenue Collection

Everyday Jewelry & Casual Style

What if you are looking to step up your standard blue jean or gad about looks? If you are bored with the same everyday choices then it may be time to change up what is considered Everyday Jewelry. Let's be honest, as long as you dress for the occasion and keep the hundred watt sparkle for other life events, stylizing with jewelry color, size and texture can be an inspiration to beat the same old, same old looks. Everyday Jewelry - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada    

How can you change up  your everyday Jewelry choices?

Consider one or two (or all) additions to your jewelry wardrobe. If you are feeling the need to explore then it is time to change up your Fifth Avenue Collection jewelry collection!   Here are a few ideas to bump up your everyday jewelry wardrobe:
  • Big Color Gemstones - in necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings
  • Chunky bracelets or a stack of fun bangles
  • Charm Bracelets
  • Leather Cuff or Cord Bracelet
  • Bib Style Necklace
  • Dangling Earrings - Hoops, teardrop or swinging chains
  • Layered Necklaces or Stacked Rings
The thing about everyday jewelry is that you wear it to please yourself. Everyday Jewelry is simply  jewelry  that is beautiful enough to want to wear it everyday, subtle enough to get away with it and it sleeps in a dish beside your bed! If you would like to see more of Fifth Avenue Collection and Everyday Jewelry, visit my shopping page : Or join my Facebook Shopping Group at Fifth Avenue Collections VIP - Glenda Glitter Girls Or Contact me today!    


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