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Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery

Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery is one of the worlds finest Fashion Jewellery Company that has been designing beautiful jewellery for 30 years. Fifth Avenue Collection is a Canadian company that produces high quality jewellery. Their Jewellery , also considered Fashion Jewellery, is finished with the best jewellery findings, stones and finishes.

The Finest Metals and Finishings

The metals used in the finishing Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery are of the highest quality gold, rose gold, rhodium and ruthenium. Rose gold is a mix of Copper and Gold, which generates the famous pink hue gold finish. It was first used by Carl Faberge, the renown ed jeweller to the czars, when he was creating his famous Faberge Eggs. Rhodium is used to create the gleaming finish on all Fifth Avenue Collection silver tone jewellery. Rhodium is a highly reflective silver-white metallic element . Highly reflective and resistant to corrosion, it is considered the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world — well above gold or silver. Ruthenium and rhodium are both platinum’s lesser known sisters with high reflective with an extreme hardness properties. Other high end jewellery design houses, such as Tiffany’s and Links of London have Rhodium and Ruthenium pieces in the Collections. Ruthenium is used in the Fifth Avenue Collection hematite jewellery. Fifth Avenue Collection finishes are Pure - Lead FREE, Cadmium FREE, Nickel FREE, Zinc FREE.

All That Glitters and Fifth Avenue Collection

What ignites the high voltage glitter of Fifth Avenue Collection timeless high fashion designs, are genuine Swarovski crystals from Austria and perfect Triple A Cubic Zirconia and beautiful Natural Gemstones. These stunning stones are artistically set to create gorgeous designs of Fifth Avenue Collection neckpieces, earrings, bracelets, rings and jewellery sets.

The Finest Crystals In The World

Swarovski is the company that produces the finest genuine crystal. Their specialized manufacturing process, combined with the best in raw materials, guarantees the highest possible degree of precision, quality, consistency of each crystal, together with unmatched brilliance.

Flawless and Brilliant Cubic Zirconia

Triple A Cubic Zirconia are graded on their cut, quality and color. A Triple A CZ not only have the same refractive index, hardness and comparable cut of a real diamond but their flawless constitution gives them a brilliance that rivals even the finest diamond. Considering their manmade quality, a Cubic Zirconia is also an environmentally friendly choice.

Gorgeous Natural Gemstones

The gemstones used in Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery are considered semi-precious; however, the high quality of the stones chosen by Fifth Avenue Collection would be considered anything other than the best of the best. Every piece of Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery displays fine craftsmanship with  exquisite and unfailing attention to detail.  The sense of luxury is immediate whenever women wear FAC jewellery. When you own a piece of Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery, you can be certain that your necklace, earrings, bracelets or ring is carefully created with the finest metals and stones available. Shop for your jewellery from Fifth Avenue Collection Here:  


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