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Flamingo Pin

Looking for a Flamingo Pin/Brooch that is covered in genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystals?

Have you seen Long Tall Sally? She is built for speed and I admit she is pretty sweet! Such a pretty bird!! This one is truly grandstanding… she shows off her long slender legs and flaunts her brilliant Swarovski clear crystal feathers. A gorgeous Flamingo pin is all you need to add some sparkle to your wardrobe A Fifth Avenue Collection pin, this genuine Swarovski Crystal pin is fashioned as a Flamingo standing gracefully on one golden leg. With over a hundred round swarovski's and a feathering of emerald cut ones too, the realistic pin is charmingly poised  and accented with a pretty gold beak and a sharp black crystal eye. Stand over here to check out Long Tall Sally: Shop Fifth Avenue Collection for a Swarovski Crystal Flamingo Pin:  
Flamingo Pin - Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry Canada

Long Tall Sally - Flamingo Pin by Fifth Avenue Collection Canada

One of the most famous flamingo pin was a brooch commissioned for the Duchess of Windsor, Wallace Simpson by the Duke of Windsor in 1940 for her birthday. The Duke of Windsor collaborated with  Cartier jewelry designer, Jeanne Toussaint, to create the platinum brooch that depicted a whimsical flamingo perched on one leg. The flamingo body, head, neck and legs of this iconic brooch were pave-set with diamonds. The charming face of this delightful flamingo brooch featured a sapphire eye, a yellow citrine cabochon and blue sapphire beak.  The tail was a glory of emeralds, rubies and sapphires. This brooch was one of the Duchess of Windsors favorites, wearing it often.  
Iconic Pins - Flamingo Pin, Duchess of Windsor

Flamingo Pin - Duchess of Windsor by Cartier  Source: Enchanted Manor

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