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The luster of a  pearl is the reflection of light gleaming off of the surface of the pearl and the patina of every  layer of nacre below. A pearl’s value lies in that glow and the reflection  that gleams against your skin.
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If Mother Nature  did not have an oyster, perhaps she would have devised a way to create a pearl similar to the way Fifth Avenue Collection fashions each pearl that is used in their collection.
At the heart of every Fifth Avenue Collection pearl is a bead of crystal, similar to the weight of a oyster born pearl.  To recreate a pearls natural nacre, layer upon layer of pearl essence envelops that crystal bead. Pearl Essence is the translucent but highly luminescent liquid that is derived from the natural scales of the herring. This has been found to produce the pearlescent finish that is closest to  a sea born or freshwater pearl.
That is not where the similarity to a highly treasured string of pearls ends. Each pearl is hand strung on silk strands and expertly knotted between each glossy pearl.  Each silk knot accomplishes two things in protecting your pearls. First it prevents the pearl bead from becoming distressed by rubbing against each other, protecting the rich nacre of your pearl. Having a silk knotted string of pearls also insures against an explosion of pearls should you catch the silk and it breaks.

Once you own a Fifth Avenue Collection pearl, what is the best way to take care of your pearl jewelry?

Here is a list of tips that will help your pearl jewelry pieces maintain their gorgeous luster.
  1. Pearls, like your complexion, will become dull if the proper care is not provided. They will attract daily grime so occasionally a rinse in cool water is required to rinse them off.
  2. Unlike your complexion, lotions, creams and perfumes will harm the natural beauty of your pearl. The best way to avoid your pearls coming in contact with cosmetics and harsher elements, is to put on your pearls pretty much when you are ready to walk out the door.
  3. Occasionally the silk strand will develop a kink from the pearl strand laying in a “bend”. This is easy enough to remove. Simply wet your hand with warm water. Shake of the excess water and hole your strand of pearls in the palm of your hand. Hold it there for a few seconds. The moisture of the water and the warmth of your hand combine to a quick release of the silk fibres and the kink should straighten. If not completely at that moment, than surely by having the weight of the pearls pull it straight as you wear it.
  4. To avoid harm to your pearls when they are stored with other jewelry, it is a great practice to store your pearls in a fabric pouch. This will also protect them from tangling with other pieces.
Would you love to see a sea full of pearls so perfect that they never miss the oyster?
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