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aquatic jewellery - Canada-Fifth Avenue Collection

lovefifthavenuecollectionSearching for a real catch in Gold and Swarovski Crystal?
Really Splashy 🐟 is real splashy – swimming in cuts of gorgeous crystals, this aquatic themed pin will hook you when trying to find Beautiful Jewellery💍💍!
** Here’s a tip for all of you Pin Lovers**
Pin your gorgeous find on the right side of your garment… Just in the hollow under your collar bone. If the pin has a “Face” make sure that the face is pointed towards your face and not toward your shoulder.
Why you may ask???
Because when someone spies your piece of Swarosvki Crystal Studded Art, their eye will be drawn to the face (its our human nature to look at faces first). They look at the face and their eye is automatically drawn in the direction the face is looking.
Make sure what they notice second is your Beautiful Face 😘

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